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I'm so sorry that I had this misunderstanding.

Below is the link to our final site:

For this project, I did the logo design and the style guide. Ashlee Gallegos did the social media, Erin Smith did the advertisements, and Erin Hakoda created our website. I think that we all did a very good job at communicating and working together in order to get it done on time and make everything look good.

While creating the logo I thought a lot about what I, as a mountain bike enthusiast, would be attracted and drawn to when looking for a good biking company. I did research on other biking company logos as well as just logos in general and what follows good design techniques as well as represents the company well. I think that the final logo we chose is a perfect fit for our company because it is very simple, which is the style recently, and it also has a fun, playful vibe to it which is fitting for a biking company.

Below are some images of the process I went through in order to design the logo.
This image is of our first comprehensive that me and Erin Smith both worked on. You can't see all the details up close (following are close up images of the process) but this is a good example of what a designer goes through in order to create work. It looks like a mess but it shows how we experimented with lots of different colors, typefaces, and design concepts.

Below is some close ups of the process and experimenting with fonts and colors.

In order to create a good, eye-catching icon for the logo we took a lot of different design concepts and tried lots of different things until we felt like we had something that was perfect for our company. 

Final logo:

 Final Styleguide:

Design Analysis: 

My logo design incorporates a few of the Gestalt principles of design including simplicity, continuity and closure. Obviously this logo design is very simple which I think is very attractive and eye catching. Continuity is used in the gear that surrounds the lizard in the icon of the logo as well as in the fonts throughout our website and our ads. Erin did a really good job at making the website flow and use a lot of design techniques that makes it look amazing.  The spokes on it create a very interesting pattern that leads the eye around the whole icon. Closure is used in the cutout of the lizard, The eye finish the shape where the tail is missing, and it is easy to comprehend what the two shapes are. Contrast was a very big thing that we focused on with our logos and pictures, we made sure all the wording and logos were placed on images that would make it stand out. 

Balance is a big part in every design, I think everyone in our group incorporated good balance into our designs. As I created the logo I wanted it to have good balance, I thought about putting the icon in front of the words but it wasn't balanced as well as I wanted it so I switched it up. 

All of these principals are very important when designing anything. 

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